Sunday, May 12, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Reveal #8 & #9!

Time is flying by this year and with lots on my plate I decided to combine the blog post for Reveal #8 & #9.  

Week #15 ~ Copper Leaf with Pearls
I was shaping copper wires to use with beaded head pins but it didn't quite turn our right.  After hours of trying various different ways and getting frustrated, I sat back in my chair and saw freshwater pearls within the chaos of my workbench.  So I decided to hang a hammered copper wire with freshwater pearls as the stem of the leaf.   Sometimes a great idea comes when you can't make something you originally planned work the way you planned.  

Week #16 ~ Enameled Beads Earrings

My girlfriend Lynda came over and we had a fun afternoon making enameled beads using Barbara Lewis' immersion method.  I tried to make a matching pair but when you are layering and mixing colors, it's not quite easy to do.  I think it adds a unique one of a kind look when it's not exactly the same.  Well, I guess I'm going for the organic look lol!  The challenge of dipping into multiple enamels is I forget to take copious notes and if someone asks me to make the exact pair, I probably won't be able to duplicate.  Note to self...take better notes!  I made a swirl headpin with copper wire, added some beads and attached sterling silver ear wires to complete.  

Week #17 ~ Leather Hoop Earrings

I love working with leather and making leather hoop earrings is my latest obsession.  I love the light weight and the color contrast between the leather and the beads.  So many possibilities and design ideas are spinning in my head.

I think I'm going to make varieties of these leather hoop earrings.  I'm stocking up on inventory for a reason...stay tuned for announcement soon :)

Week #18 ~ Copper Heart Earrings

I got a special Mother's Day order and I made a heart component which I used for a necklace then the light switch went on!  Why not make earrings with the same design!  Sometimes the simple design turns out to be the best bet.  I had fun shaping the wire to cute hearts, adding glass and copper beads on the stem, and attach them to ear posts.  Ta da!

Mahalo for visiting and wishing you a creative day!  Please visit all the other wonderful artists!
Kumi ♥


  1. All beautiful, tough to pick a favorite from them!!

  2. Goodness, so many beautiful earrings! You've been busy.

  3. So original and classy, Kumi... I confess to being partial to your Greek ceramic/leather design. I too love a touch of organic so I can't wait to hear your "announcement"!

  4. Kumi's signature strikes again! I love your work! :)

  5. I love playing with that maouse pointer on your blog!! hehe.

  6. As always, beautiful and creative!

  7. As always, beautiful and creative!

  8. All of your earrings are beautiful but I think I like the copper and pearl (happy accidents) the best. It is a close choise because I really like the copper hearts too.
    Great work, Kumi.
    I bet you are very excited. It will soon be June again. Have fun!

  9. more beauties! they are all so pretty, but love that first one with the hammered metal ... stunning! good for you ... still going strong on the AJE earring challenge!

  10. Thank you so much everyone! Really appreciate your kind comments!