Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet the Teacher ~ Barbara Lewis

I truly value how much I learn from taking classes.  Personally I can only do so much from reading books and watching online videos.  I will be going to Bead & Button Show for the 2nd time and wanted to feature the fabulous teachers/artists I will be taking classes from!

Barbara Lewis with Painting with Fire

I am so excited to finally take Barbara's class to learn the immersion torch fire enameling method! I've been a huge fan of Barbara Lewis ever since I saw her work on Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.  Her book Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry was the Best Craft Book of 2011 at Amazon and I have read it from cover to cover multiple times.  Barbara also hosts Painting with Fire Ning which is a wonderful and supportive torch enameling community.  I've met so many wonderful artists and great friends on that site.   If you are remotely interested in torch fire enameling, I highly recommend getting her book and join the Ning group. She just moved and opened her new studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. Barbara teaches the immersion technique which is different from sifting enameling on top of copper.  She is an incredibly supportive and talented artist who shares her knowledge.  For those of you who can't make the trek to St. Pete or other venues she teaches, she is offering a 2nd e-course this summer.  Check out the details about her e-course on her Painting with Fire Website!  You can also follow her blog at

 Here is a video of the immersion method that Barbara teaches.

I'm also taking Barbara's Surface Decoration for Enamel class while at B&B.  I just couldn't resist learning how to make those cute enameled birdhouses!

I'm sooooo looking forward to meeting Barbara in person!

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  1. This has been so much fun reading about the instructors and the courses you are going to be taking! Hope you are keeping track of all these classes. You could write one looong CV of jewelry skills learned from all these courses! :)