Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beads of Clay Contest

I had a pretty productive day in the studio today and as I sat down to watch the History of the Eagles we recorded with a glass of wine, I came across Beads of Clay Contest.  Beads of Clay Blog is the blog to follow if you are interested in ceramic/porcelain beads.  It is home to many talented ceramic/porcelain bead artists you will see great tutorials, eye candy photos, must read articles, and beautiful jewelry created using ceramic and porcelain beads.  I would love to learn how to make ceramic/porcelain beads one day but for now I'm going to leave them to the pros and be a collector :)

Last year I took an online class digital texturing class on Down and Dirty the Digital Way by Gail Schmidt on Creative Workshop and fell in love with digital layering and texturing on Photoshop Elements.  This is an area of art I would like to further pursue.  With the little knowledge I know about digital art, I thought I would give it a shot by creating a banner for BOC and enter their contest.  So here it is!

Voting begins March 16 and runs through March 22 12pm EST.  Please check out all the wonderful entries and cast your vote for your favorite banner here!  

Mahalo for visiting!
Kumi ♥


  1. Thx for the prompt! heading over now

  2. I was going to attempt to create a banner for this contest BUT after seeing your's I'm not..I LOVE this banner and WILL be voting for it! Nice job Malie Kai!!

    ~ Shelley Graham Turner
    A NEW, and PROUD member of Beads of Clay!

  3. Oh don't let me stop you from creating a banner Shelley!! Thanks for the compliments!!

  4. Beautiful banner, Kumi. I will be voting for you. Great job!

  5. I love your banner Kumi! It is perfect :)