Monday, February 4, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - Meet my Bead Soup partner Donna Millard!!

I signed up once again for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party!  The 7th BSBP has over 500 participants and I will be in the 1st Reveal Group on March 30, 2013!

As I patiently waited for the email to find out who my partner will be this year, the Bead Soup God aka Lori Anderson has once again blessed me with yet another incredibly talented artist this year!  I immediately recognized her name when I got the email.  I've been drooling over all the incredible creations she's been posting on her Facebook page and her blog was so thrilled to be partnered with an amazingly talented lamp work and jewelry artist Donna Millard!!!  

I immediately went to her website and read her Bio.  Check out her credentials!

Donna Millard is an Internationally known lampwork artist living in the northwoods area of Wisconsin. She has been working with various forms of glass for more than 25 years. 
Originally taking a beginner class in 2001, Donna has since self-taught herself the techniques she now uses in her unique art glass beads, buttons and metalwork.  Workshops she has completed since learning on her own:

Kevin O'Gardy-2005
Andrea Guarino-2007
Michael Barley-2007
William Hagy-2008
Mary Lockwood-2008
Melanie Moertel-March 2011-just for fun!  

Metal-work classes completed with:
Dallas Lovett
Iris Sandkuhler
A 76 yo metalsmith whose name I've since forgotten.

Donna's beads and jewelry can be found in galleries and shops across Alaska, Wisconsin and private collections around the world.

Donna also teaches lamp working and jewelry making classes.  I would love to take a lamp working class from Donna one day!  

Enjoy just a few sample of her gorgeous work!

I better cook up a worthy soup for Donna, so off I go into my studio!  Once she receives her soup ingredients from me, I'll be posting what I sent and what I received.  Let the fun begin!

Kumi ♥


  1. What lucky gals you are, I so admire Donna's lampwork and your style!

    1. Thanks Ali! A bit intimidating being partnered with someone so talented!

  2. Kumi,
    This is so much fun and yet terrifying at the same time. I too got a great partner. I think we can do this, LOL.