Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet the Teacher ~ Keith Lo Bue!

While visiting my daughter in March of 2011 in Fort Collins, I did a search for jewelry classes and Keith Lo Bue was the visiting instructor at the Artists Nook.   I signed up for his Papering Over It workshop and I had so much fun working with materials that I normally don't work with!  And talk about perfect timing, his gorgeous pendant was on the cover of Spring 2011 Belle Armoire Jewelry so I sent my hubby to the bookstore to get a copy so I can get it autographed :)  Before attending the class I savored his work online.  Keith is a self proclaimed Stuffsmith and does he know how to create amazingly gorgeous jewelry using "stuff".  He was working on a pendant that included a wooden spatula during our workshop and I didn't even know it until he told me what it was.

So when I got the notice about him teaching an online class called Steeling Beauty on Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat, I had to sign up and boy was it worth every penny!  Keith is hysterically funny and entertaining while giving you ample information during his workshop.  He shares so much information during his workshop, I was taking lots of notes.
 Here is a intro video by Keith :)

I must admit I was skeptical at first using annealed steel for jewelry but quickly fell in love with the material.  Who would have thought I would be buying rebar tie wire from Home Depot to make beautiful chains and clasps!

Here are two bracelets I made with what I learned from the class.

I learned so much and had a blast taking your class again!   You can see more of Keith's work at his website and shop for goodies here.  

If you ever have a chance to take Keith's workshop, I highly recommend it!

Mahalo Keith!


  1. Yes, Kumi, Keith is remarkable. I took his Sailor Knot Class at Art-is-Petaluma and was completely charmed by his personality. He is one of a kind.

  2. Very Cool, industrial but delicate. Keep up the nice work Kumi!