Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet the Administrators of Creative Bead Chat Facebook Page!

I joined Creative Bead Chat  Facebook Page earlier this year.  I didn’t realize at the time how much this group was going to become part of my daily routine.  This is a group of over 1,000 talented jewelry artists where ideas and inspirations are shared, questions answered, and artists support one another both emotionally and creatively.  We are celebrating the Administrators of this fabulous group today to recognize all their hard work and creating such an incredible place for jewelry artists’ playground.
Here are the Super Talented Women that put together this incredibly supportive community that I am so thankful for:

Melinda incorporates a lot of different media into her work and the patina colors she is able to bring out is simply amazing.  Her blog is full of her latest creations and you can stock up on tools, components and supplies at her Etsy store.  She offers so much great advise on CBC and is always available to answer questions and give support.  

Here is the description straight from her Etsy storeIf this were a "physical" shop, I would invite you to feel as though you are entering a very old library or study: warm intimate atmosphere, walls lined with dark bookcases filled with centuries-old tomes and other objects. Sunlight filters in through old leaded glass casement windows. In the center of the room sits a large heavily-carved oak table, Several archeological relics lie scattered across its well-worn surface. Among them, an ancient necklace of hammered copper discs and north african beads. Another piece, truly unusual: a bracelet made of bits of gold, turquoise and an unknown green & blue stone, like something found in a Mayan tomb in the yucatan jungle, or...might it be from a lost civilization, perhaps from Mars, or beyond? Let your imagination roam as you peruse my simple offerings here...and by all means, have fun!” When I read this, it took me to a happy place :)  Her blog is updated frequently with her latest creations and you will find one of a kind components in her Etsy store.
Anyone that has the patience of working with those tiny seed beads to create beautiful jewelry has my respect.  She works as a Merchandising Manager at my dream store, Harbor Freight, in her home town.  Marla is feeling under the weather lately so I encourage everyone to go post a positive message.  Her Etsy store is temporarily closed but check out her fabulous creations when it opens back up.  Love her tag line, “Live, Love, Create”!  Let’s all send her lots of healing power!
There is nothing messy about Marla's creations.  My latest craving is ceramic beads and components and Marla has the yummiest creations!  Her work makes me want to get into ceramic beads.  Squirrel!  I have to keep bringing myself back on track.  She recently started the CBC Destash and boy did we have fun!  Thank you Marla for helping us hoard more beads!!  She is so supportive and helpful and lots of fun.  Check out her beautiful work on her blog and Etsy store!
I feel like I need to wear a bib when I go to Keirsten’s blog Cerebral Dilettante and her Etsy store.  Drool!  I just love her work and the way she combines colors.  She also makes beautiful copper components.  Her Disco Darling necklace tutorial was featured on Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Oct/Nov 2011 issue and the gorgeous necklace was on the front cover!   

Mahalo Nui Loa ladies!  You simply don't know how much joy you bring to us all!



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    1. There were so many beautiful pieces they created to choose from so it wasn't easy to decide!

  2. LOVED your post, Kumi! Loved the descriptions of all 5 of them, they do add so much to our creative journeys!

  3. Ohhh - I love that description you quoted from Karen's shop! Fantastic! Great post and lovely pieces you chose to highlight from these talented ladies. Mahalo! :)

    1. I know! I literally imagined myself walking into a dreamy store :) Thanks Heidi!

  4. Thanks for featuring these fine ladies. I knew most of them, but not all. They've really started an amazing supportive group. Love the profile!

  5. Mahalo Barbara! It's so great to be part of a great community. So many incredibly talented people!