Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bucket List ~ Bead & Button Show

Bead & Button Show is less than a week away and I'm receiving e-mails from all the instructors regarding the classes I've signed up.  Such an exciting time with so much anticipation!  This is the third beading/jewelry making retreat/workshop I've signed up for and I have to say I'm more prepared attending the Bead & Button Show this year for the 2nd time.  Living on Kauai I've had to rely on learning techniques from DVD, online classes, and books.  While there are some awesome resources available, nothing can replace the hands on instructions you get from attending workshops/classes from fabulous instructors.

When I first saw the line up of instructors at the Weekend with Wiremasters in 2010, I signed up to take my jewelry making skills to the next level.  Sharilyn Miller, Mary Hettmansperger, Tracey Stanley, and Janice Berkbile-Thank you!   It was the best thing I've done to stretch my skills and knowledge and met lifelong friends with commonality that you simply can't replace.  So glad to have met you Heidi and Julie! 

After such a positive experience at Weekend with Wiremasters 2010, I put Bead & Button Show on my bucket list.  Something I will attend some day.  Then when our best man in my wedding unexpectedly passed away from cancer end of 2010.  I came face to face with reality of life.  I decided to make some day to today.  I signed up for Bead & Button Show 2011 and my dear friend Julie whom I met at Wiremasters decided to join me.  We shared a room at the Hilton and compared notes each night of the classes we each took.  We had such a good time last year so we are rommies again this year.  The experience of being surrounded with so many creative artists was simply amazing.  I also ran into Sheri from Wiremasters during registration.  I was so fortunate to have shared drinks, dinners, and laughters with her again.  At the time I didn't know her life would be taken away so suddenly early in 2012 and I would never see her again.

I read couple of Blog posts on how to prepare for attending bead shows.  Lori Anderson who hosts the fabulous Bead Soup Party wrote a great article about Going to a Bead Show-How to Prepare!  I printed the labels with my info and added it to my list of things to bring!  Then another great post by Art Bead Scene about Bead Show Shopping Tips.  I mapped out my shopping plan.  Two great posts and I'm ready to go!

So here are my two cents...
Don't just make a wishful bucket list, start living your bucket list rather than adding it on a piece of paper.  You never know when your number is up.  Follow your passion and your heart.  I'm so grateful I have a creative outlet to balance my life.  Not everyone can say they have a passion in life.  If making beautiful jewelry is what brings joy to your life, then welcome to my journey.  We are the lucky ones.

Live Love Laugh
From the Heart,


  1. I am so honored to have met you and to share your journey.

  2. Me, too! And you are so right about living as much of our bucket list as we can as we go. It's about the journey and the wonderful people we meet along the way and who travel along with us. :)