Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taking the Plunge!

I finally decided to take the plunge and created my blog!  Please excuse me while I step into uncharted territory.  My journey in jewelry making started in 2008 when I saw a felted purse made by my dear friend Lynda and she kindly taught me how.  While searching for the beads for the handles I kept coming across beautiful beads and jewelry created from them.  Since my first wire wrapping project I've ventured into Metal Clay (silver, copper, bronze), metal fabrication, and my latest obsession is enameling.  Time is one thing I don't have a lot of since I still work a full time job with a loooong commute but I try to use whatever time I have to create something that brings a smile to someone.
I currently have my work at two beautiful galleries on Kauai.  Nani Kauai Gallery located in Princeville Shopping Center on the North Shore and Moonbow Magic located in Hanapepe Town.  I feel very fortunate to have two incredible gallery owners supporting my art.
Thanks for joining my creative journey with me and hope you will find something that will adorn your heart.
Kumi ♥


  1. "Adorn your heart" -- I love that! That could be your tag line! I'd love to see a picture of that purse if you still have it. I am looking forward to following you on this journey! ;)

  2. Thanks always for your support Heidi! So glad we are on this creative journey together!